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buffered_stream - 1.65.0 - Boost C++ Libraries buffered_stream. Construct, passing the specified argument to initialise the next layer. close. Close the stream. fill. Fill the buffer with some data. Returns the number of bytes placed in the buffer as a result of the operation. Throws an exception on failure. Fill the buffer with some data. My stream is buffering and others don't. This is This advice is even more relevant for people who have like 5-20 viewers, don't underestimate the amount of lurkers that are on your stream. Sometimes I see small streamers being way too tolerant of spam, people being mean to them or others in chat, toxicity in general. setbuf - C++ Reference -

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bufferstreams - npm bufferstreams. Abstract streams to deal with the whole buffered contents. bufferstreams abstracts streams to allow you to deal with their whole content in a single buffer when it becomes necessary (by example: a legacy library that do not support streams).. It is not a good practice, just some glue. Using bufferstreams means:. there is no library dealing with streams for your needs

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May 09, 2018 Stream Buffers: A Tool for Watershed Protection STREAM BUFFERS . A Tool for Watershed Protection . Stream buffers, also known as riparian buffers, are vegetated areas on either side of a stream Buffered Streams | Filter Streams Buffered input streams read more data than they initially need into a buffer (an internal array of bytes). When one of the stream's read( ) methods is invoked, data is removed from the buffer rather than from the underlying stream. When the buffer runs out of data, the buffered stream refills its buffer from the underlying stream. BufferedStream -