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Internet Safety for Seniors - Internet Safety Tips According to the U.S. Special Committee on Aging , there are several common online scams specifically aimed at seniors, including: IRS/tax-related scams (#1 nationwide) work on the basis of fear and intimidation, even going so far as to threaten legal action if the person doesn’t pay back taxes. Top 10 Internet Safety Rules | Kaspersky Keep Personal Information Professional and Limited. Potential employers or customers don't need … Internet Safety Tips - AARP

Unfortunately, internet predators frequently prey upon senior citizens for their scams, assuming older adults will have a more trusting nature and/or a lack of internet knowledge that will make them an easy target. Luckily, Medical Alert Advice has internet safety tips you can use to prevent this from happening to you.

Basic Internet Safety Tips for Seniors to Stay Connected Internet Safety 101 for Seniors. While it’s important for seniors to remain connected, entertained and active through the use of technology, it is equally important for them to exercise caution and interest safety. None of us are exempt from Internet scams, but … 5 Internet Safety Tips For Seniors - Home Care | CalaCare Nov 04, 2015

Internet Safety for Seniors The Internet provides numerous opportunities for seniors to meet people, conduct business, plan travel, access records, stay in touch with friends and family, and support hobbies and entertainment interests.

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