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Sep 07, 2011 · A router is going to have at least 2 IP addresses, one on each side of it. For what you are describing, you only need one router to connect the 2 network(s) or network segments together. One interface needs to have an IP address to match the first subnet and the second interface needs to have an IP address to match the second subnet. When I connect the coaxial cable to the second router, wireless access inthe home fails entirely. Im thinking the second router has the same IP as the first or something. Question: Is there a way to correct this problem (ie changing the IP address or some other method) to make these two wireless routers work? Feb 17, 2016 · i am trying to connect another switch from a different floor to the same router to provide me with internet for the other floor. will it work without a problem or there is a best way to merge the 1. Place the 2nd router at a high-central point on your property and attach it to an Ethernet cable coming from one of the wired LAN ports on your main router. It will become your WAP. Nov 12, 2003 · Connect any normal LAN port (don't use an "Uplink" port) on the "Internet" router to the WAN port of each of the two other routers. Illuminated Link lights at both ends of the connection should

Routers route between network, so each router interface belongs to a different network. Since you cannot connect both switches directly to the same router interface, you would be connecting them to two different networks. Also, switches use spanning-tree in order …

Sep 07, 2018 · If you ever want to Connect PCs you would use a router or an Ethernet cable to connect the two Windows 10 PC and make them communicate with each other. These are the painstaking but common methods of connecting PC. These are Pain Staking because they require extra work like firewall configurations IPv4 and IPv6.

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