Sep 02, 2018

Twitter Archive Email Confirmation won’t send - Web Now I can request an archive and the email comes in on the original address that was not receiving the emails before. It seems that Twitter just needed the account's email address to get shaken up before it resumed working. Twitter - IndieWeb Jul 20, 2020 Twitter just made every public tweet findable … here's how Nov 19, 2014 How to Download Twitter History Archive - YouTube

There was no way to request verification, but that didn’t stop people from trying every method in the book, including harassing Twitter employees and former employess. Another driving factor for the change, some people report , is the prevalence of online bullying in recent years.

3 Press request archive button 3 Press request archive button. 4 Check your email for twitter message 4 Check your email for twitter message. 5 Download archive Just upload your own Twitter archive, read it through and weed out superfluous! Latest from our twitter MyTweetDeleter 0.0 K Followers @_slimmer_ Hey! Sorry for late answer.

Twitter is a popular social-networking and messaging service, accessible through the web and mobile device apps, allowing users to write 140-character messages publicly or privately. Often the messages include hyperlinks, which get sent through URL shorteners (so they might suffer linkrot if the shortening services go away).

Jul 20, 2020 · The Twitter archive is made of per month JSON files. It can be used as a way to PESOS a whole Twitter history, even though POSSE is the recommended way to do it. The most interesting things in the JSON twitter archive are: both long and shortened URLs "new" RTs are also written the classic Way, making easy to republish them in a PESOS way.