Set up dual USB WAN and do load balancing on Vigor3900

How to configure pfSense as multi wan (DUAL WAN) load 2016-8-4 · Now the first WAN interface configured with a Static IP from the Interfaces menu. If you want you can set type to DHCP depending on your ISP 1 modem settings. Next make sure the gateway IP responds to ping to confirm that WAN 1 is actually online and working before proceeding. You can do this from pfSense itself by visiting Diagnostics > Ping: Set Up WAN-Separated Service Instances | Pivotal Docs 2019-9-24 · Set Up WAN-Separated Service Instances Two service instances may form a single distributed system across a WAN. The interaction of the two service instances may follow one of the patterns described within the section on Design Patterns. Call the two service instances A and B.

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Firstly we set up the physical topology, connect the modem to the WAN port of TL-R480T+, then connect your computer to the LAN port, make sure the two links can work properly and have access to the Internet. Step 2. Configuration of WAN parameters Set up dual USB WAN and do load balancing on Vigor3900