The amount of time to wait for the LDAP server to respond. The default value is five minutes. Specify a value of 0 to disable the timeout option. LDAP server type The type of LDAP server. When using Microsoft Active Directory, select Microsoft Active Directory. Back to the top of the page

May 31, 2020 How to Search Active Directory with Ldapsearch - Tyler's It is fairly common to have Linux or UNIX machines on a network with a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain. There may be times when you want or need to search Active Directory with ldapsearch. How to add LDAP & Active Directory Authentication to Jan 20, 2019

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active directory - Query to list all users of a certain For Active Directory users, an alternative way to do this would be -- assuming all your groups are stored in OU=Groups,DC=CorpDir,DC=QA,DC=CorpName-- to use the query (&(objectCategory=group)(CN=GroupCN)).This will work well for all groups with less than 1500 members. How to enable LDAP over SSL with a third-party Feb 13, 2020