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Until now, enjoying our favourite UK iPlayers (ITV, BBC iPlayer, 4oD) didn't work abroad. We have the solution. Do I have to be in the UK to Sign Up? No, not at all. You can sign up for TV on Holiday from anywhere in the world. Access to our service is instant and fully automated. Doesn't matter at all where you are in the world. Do VPNs still work with BBC iPlayer abroad outside the UK Sep 19, 2019 Why you need a BBC iPlayer VPN to access BBC iPlayer

It’s run by the British Government and it’s paid for by UK taxpayers. They’re not running a charity, so they don’t want non-citizens watching BBC iPlayer abroad, because that might mean they’re not paying to access their content. In fact, watching BBC iPlayer content without a proper UK television license is downright illegal.

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad: Access From Outside the The broadcaster is fussy about who can watch its programming mostly because it is not actually free, but paid for through the UK TV Licence - more details below including how iPlayer accounts work. Can I use BBC iPlayer abroad? - Telegraph Feb 23, 2014 How to watch BBC iPlayer from Abroad, Anywhere in the World Jun 04, 2020 The Simplest Way to Make BBC iPlayer Work Abroad (Anywhere)