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i would be completely fine with using a different song if i hadnt already synced the music to my video, also the song is number 2 of 3, so its in the middle of the video and would screw up the rest of the video also. what makes me even more mad is that i checked the search engine for copyrighted music on youtube to see if i could use the music i was planning on using. Oct 01, 2019 · Most interestingly, the oldest video of cats on YouTube dates from 1894. Check it out! That is – if you can. Because sometimes YouTube is restricted and you can’t access it. Whether you’re at school, at work or on another network, there’s an easy solution to unblock YouTube videos: using a VPN. Read more below. If that were possible YouTube would lose their legal protection that prevents content owners from suing them directly. They'd be shut down under an avalanche of lawsuits within a week Jun 04, 2018 · There are several possibilities why your videos containing someone else’s copyrighted content are getting blocked while other people’s videos aren’t: * The other people got permission from the copyright holders to use their content. Here are the steps that you need to follow properly in order to unblock YouTube using free online proxy sites: Step 1: First, go to YouTube and search for the video that is blocked at your location. Step 2: Now, open the proxy website that you wish to use to unblock the YouTube video. In this case, I am going to use YouTube Unblock Proxy. Dec 20, 2018 · 4. Unblock YouTube by using a VPN. The easiest and safest method to unblock YouTube and bypass their geo-restrictions is to use a virtual private network, otherwise known as a VPN. Not only does a VPN allow you to access geo-restricted content, it’s also an excellent tool to help keep you safe and anonymous while using the internet.

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How to Unblock YouTube: Video Streaming for Everyone There are several handy ways to unblock YouTube video content. Our favorite way to unblock YouTube is using a VPN because a few clicks and a few bucks don’t just get you into YouTube video How to unblock youtube Videos - No proxy or software

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Finding yourself blocked from accessing Youtube is quite frustrating. However, it’s very easy to unblock Youtube and no tech skills are required. Access to a specific Youtube video or Youtube in general might happen for a host of reasons. You might be located in a country where access to Youtube is restricted.